Light to me is music

SIPI = From the German name SIGFRIED, Signifying = VICTORY + PEACE 

Up north, a bit further than you might be inclined to look, there is a country known as Finland.  
This is a country that lives through half it's year in darkness,  only to return in the summer time to bask in the bright, gentle light of the midnight sun . 

This is the place that I call home. 
These are the roots that I sing from.

A land at the edge of the world,  for so many months by the seas iced over.  
The enforced stillness bought on by the relentlessness of the winter elements,
followed by the summer that does not sleep. 

The way we know darkness, light itself is magic. 
The way the dark knows to be dark here, you learn to look for the light, find the light, understand that that which is light, 
within, without, is never brighter than in the depth of the night. 

Light for me is music. 
It warms my bones. 
It brings me to life. 
It keeps me alive. 

I write songs so that in all my heavynes and useless drudgery 
I can keep connecting to that part of me, that is, despite myself, 
always made of light.