A few words on the woman I've become. As of now.

Music has not been the only thing I've done in this life. 
It is not the only thing I love. 

But it is the one thing, 
the ever capable thing,
that has saved me, 
that keeps saving me,
from myself above all,
again, and again, and again.  

"If I hold any kind of spirituality, 
it has to do with music" 


I owe just about everything I am to music. 

I know fairly little about it.
I will not, by any stretch, at any time, claim to understand it. 
And if I am worth any of my pretty words, 
I will live a life devoted to it. 

My second album,"Silti" (Even though) 
was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee
in October of 2018 and shall be released later in 2019. 

My first album, released in 2016,  "Pilvet ovat valtameriä" (Clouds are Oceans), can be heard below. 


FACTS, some: 
Name: Alma Liisa Sipilä
Age: 32 
Home: Finland
City of residence at present: Helsinki 
Admittedly addicted to: Dark roast coffee, tahini, music and dancing
Favourite past-time: Coffee + reading + notebook, 
long, deep conversations, movement 
Favourite melody of all time: Kaipaava, Finnish Trad
(here's me singing it as a wee thing all of 8 years ago) 
Songwriting heroine: Gretchen Peters 
Crazy for: The Ocean, the sea 


get in touch - I would be delighted to hear from you.